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A New Journey Begins


Charleston sure is a beauty of a place and would make a perfect journey’s start.


The Road to New Beginnings

I had saved this image under the tag of “Charleston”, but apparently I was wrong, it’s actually in Cumberland Island, Georgia, taken by JHamel.  He has a few other really interesting shots of the area on his Flickr, describing it as more Jurassic Park than lazy southern path.

I saved the image because I imagined it being the perfect place to start a journey, seems like those majestic trees are just lining the way, offering a silent ‘bon voyage’ as you pass underneath.

During these uncertain times when so much is changing, it is nice to remember the special places and the magical moments that make life worth living at all. I think it is nice to slow down and appreciate all that the world has to offer, and reflect upon how we can begin anew once this time is past. It may seem like it, but we are not falling into ruin, we are simply starting down a new path.

Sometimes, the place you began is the place you were meant to be all along.

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