The most lovely home-made and personally delivered birthday cake, by my sweet mother.  Red velvet, buttercream, pecans, and raspberries – what more lovely treat could you have for a cold winter afternoon?

Back in December when my birthday rolled around, I was still in the throes of sickness and honestly, couldn’t enjoy much of anything.  Sadly this included celebrating my birthday, which we did with a low-key dinner out followed by a movie – the second Hobbit, of course.  There was a vague plan involving cupcakes, but honestly all I could do was go home and sleep after being out of the house for so long.  I didn’t even realize there was no birthday cake until weeks later during my sister’s birthday (she had two cakes and a cake-off, mmm!)

My mom is so cute, she thought she had baked me a cake, brought it over to me and that I was losing my memory and was upset that I would forget a home baked cake of hers!  Finally my brother confirmed to her that in fact, no cake had been made.  She felt so bad she spent Sunday morning baking me up a little bit of all my favorites into a late, but amazingly delicious, birthday cake.  Then, she brought it over for a sweet visit, even though we were sick with the flu.  It tasted delicious, maybe even better because we got to enjoy it unexpectedly.

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