About the Author

Emme Chatterton is an author of fiction and film, as well as an editor, curator, and publisher of new media.  Her novels and non-fiction work alike draw on experience from many disciplines, including engineering, history, science, fine arts, business, and philosophy.  She has been fortunate and proud to study, speak, and create at several esteemed universities worldwide as well as collaborate with individuals, businesses, and organizations on projects both artistic and humanitarian.

Emme Chatterton has served at the helm of several notable publications and media projects both within and outside of Duchess House, including her role as the the Editor-in-Chief of Paper Duchesses Journal of Lifestyle, Fashion, & Fiction as well as Editor of Lacey and Pearls, a popular fashion lifestyle blog and shopping destination by Lacey Chambers.  She also collaborated on the creation of AstroNauticus, a magazine focusing on the Futurism of Science, Tech, and Society, and Lady&Herb, an educational resource for the luxury cannabis industry. Prior to jointly creating Social Duchess, Emme headed the restructuring and integration of Cavendish of London Bridal Salon’s magazine into Lady & Duchess, a boutique publication for high-budget London & UK Brides.

Career and Duchess House

Portrait photography, event design, and then travel and lifestyle blogging formed the foundation of Emme Chatterton’s social media experience at a time most professionals were unaware of the internet and its potential. With prior career work in academics and technology as well as a background in publishing, Emme enjoys mentoring as a business strategist, content creator, and social media advisor. She founded Duchess House, a collection of diverse and inclusive projects and services, to help others transition their social media power into successful entrepreneurial ventures, and to encourage the already successful to enrich their lives through humanitarianism and futurism.

Duchess House‘s first limited-run, influencer focused magazine, Paper Duchesses Journal, was so popular that it was published daily for three years when the original scope was a single-year weekly product. Duchess House is currently digitally soft launching a new, permanent women’s luxury magazine, Social Duchess, that focuses on social influencer lifestyles and humanitarian work with content anchors in fashion, beauty, home, and travel.

Duchess House is also responsible for the Old Lantern Lane, an art gallery and creators guild that promotes and encourages digital influencer success in the art world and popular media. Finally, our HNC Foundation serves as the main charitable arm of Duchess House with a mission of historic and cultural preservation and the goal of operating a series of museums, social spaces, and worldwide public services.

Portrait & Event Work

As an experienced photographer, creative director and artist, Emme Chatterton takes occasional commissions for portraits, events, and bespoke editorials. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to her Events & Portraits website where you can find further information and make enquiries. You can also shop a selection of her Art & Photographic Prints which are available to purchase in a large variety of formats.

Articles by Emme Chatterton

Here you can find a list of all the articles on Social Duchess by Emme.  There is also a full index of articles you can browse.


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