Cold weather season is firmly upon us, which means elegant neutrals, layers of clothing, and cozy styles reminiscent of fall but with the freshness and expectation of the approaching spring.  One outfit that inspired me is this legacy style circa 2015 from the Viva Luxury, and below I have recreated it using current season offerings.

The hallmark of this look really is understated elegance, it is all about letting the pieces speak for themselves.  When you wear t his, you are telling the world that you are casually luxurious, that the world is your oyster and you comfortably enjoy it.  The black pumps are obviously the statement piece in this outfit, and they are by Nine West and still available today, in a ton of colors.

If you’d like to recreate this look, just grab your favorite skinny jeans and cuff them, add in some drop-dead gorgeous black heeled pumps, put on an effortlessly chic black and white striped turtleneck, and top with a tailored camel jacket with black accents and a black or camel purse.

Let’s start off by finding a nice black and white striped turtleneck.  This is a classic staple piece that most of us already have in our wardrobes, and they come in a variety of price points.  The fourth option is the closest replicate to this look, but also comes at the highest price.  You don’t even have to choose a turtleneck, you could opt for a boat neck like the second choice below.  If you’re daring, or wish to layer, having the crop top option might be the best choice for you.


Moving on to the pumps, this one is very easy to recreate, as these are the Nine West Women’s Jackpot Suede Dress Pumps in Black with a Saddle Sole.  These heels come in many shades and finishes, and Nine West as a brand also has several similar styles.  Allow me to suggest also the Flax Dress Pump, as it is similar in shape but a little more classic.  The third option is the Kayden Dress Pump from Ivanka Trump, which you may want to consider as our future First Daughter and her style will undoubtedly be in the spotlight for the next several years.  Not to mention, her shoes are highly reviewed and come at a reasonable price point.


The camel or beige colored coat is another essential piece of this outfit, here are a few selections with a similar structure and color.  The coat is the frame of this look, so really give it your personal style.  If you’d prefer a different shade, or if you like a longer coat… this is a great piece to be creative with.  Also, it helps to shop your own closet, perhaps you have a past season style jacket you can re-purpose… remember that beige buttons can always be snipped off and black buttons sewn on!  The coat should be structured though, but they have all weights of material so no matter what climate you live in, you can find a similar looking piece of outerwear.


Most of us already have a pair of lighter wash skinny jeans that we can cuff, but if you’re looking for a new pair or are asking What do I wear, what should I buy, how do I style this look… read on!

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