I’m not doing so well today, I had to start an antibiotic pill yesterday evening and this morning I’m having such a hard time keeping anything down.  I’m only taking Zofran (anti-vomiting for my hyperemesis gravidarum) at night so I don’t have a build-up in my system anymore, and taking it “as needed” this morning was, let’s say, not effective. 

In the spirit of trying to enjoy the little things even when the big things are terrible, I reached for some trusty lemon curd.  Right now I have the Mackay’s brand, and I really like it. There’s none of that bitter aftertaste or weird residual flavor that you get very often with store bought (and, sadly, sometimes home made) lemon curd.  They say it is made in small batches in traditional open copper pans which is a pleasant scene to reflect on.  Plus, the little plaid banner cheers me up, and I enjoy supporting Scottish businesses.  I’d venture to say it’s the best jar of lemon curd I have gotten in the US.  I found this in one of the local grocery stores – most chains usually carry lemon curd with the jellies or in some cases in the ‘foreign foods’ section.  You can also find this at Marshalls, Home Goods, etc or order on Amazon.  If you’ve never tried it, mmm, it’s delicious – its a light lemony spread, smoother and softer than a jelly with a delicate flavor.  Pairs wonderfully with butter on scones or toast, and is also great as a filling for cakes and pastries.   

And voila, with the help of writing this post to distract me, I have managed an entire piece of toast!  Onward to noodles a little later.  In other news, Le Chat Noir is having a wonderful day – she’s been basking in the sun on her window perch (ignoring the fact that it’s littered with Nerf toys and snowpants) and enjoying watching the squirrels and birds run up and down the hill in the melting snow. Since the polar vortex has moved on or thawed or whatever they do, we once again have an abundance of wildlife eating it’s way through the hill out back.  I’m happily pretending it’s the beginning of springtime.

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