Lacey Chambers

Every girl needs an arsenal of delicious nude eyeshadow shades to complete their collection, so let me just suggest to you a new brand I’ve come across called Japonesque that I wanted to do a quick review of.  They have a line of Velvet Touch eyeshadows and a face palette that live up to their name with velvety soft richness and color payoff.  

These Japonesque shades are pigmented, buttery, and everything you would want in a luxury brand beauty product.  Japonesque offers both neutral and color palettes with thoughtfully chosen selections of colors than look fabulous together and work well with other neutral shades. They even offer a glowy and divine metallics face palette based off glittering Ibiza Nights.

It’s even easy to order, you don’t have to leave home as Japonesque eyeshadows are part of the new Amazon Luxury Beauty store, where you can get all your beauty and skincare with a few clicks. Who has the time to run to the shops or spend a day at the mall whenever you run out of something? Maybe when we were teenagers, but now let’s be realistic, the more things we can add to our Amazon cart and go, the better.

Japonese also do beautiful pigmented shadows as well for a smokey or sultry eye. Their color payoff is fantastic, the same as with their neutral and metallic shades. If you love the gold rush metallics of the Ibiza Nights Face Palette, you will probably also love the Pixelated Color Shadow Palette with its jewel toned shades to tempt you into stepping outside your comfort zone into a world of drama and makeup artistry!

You can click on the eyeshadow above or here to head directly to Amazon where you can read the reviews or buy and try it out yourself: JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palette, 0.50 oz or the full color JAPONESQUE Pixelated Palette.

So let me know if you’ve already been in on the beauty secret that is Japonesque… they have three palettes on Amazon with all different colors, but they also have other products I’m interested to try in the future and I’d love your recommendations.

As always, my darling pearls, you are beautiful, and I am off!

From Lacey, with love

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