As we have evolved as a publication, Paper Duchesses Journal has merged with other creatives, businesses and media outlets and has grown and changed from it’s original niche as a magazine about the lifestyle of online social media influencers.


We have trended towards luxury features of products, destinations, and experiences as well as philanthropic and charitable works carried out by influencers.  It is this space created at the juxtaposition of luxury and warm-hearted generosity that the Social Duchess will reign, highlighting the lifestyles of the socially famous as well as the good works and philanthrophy that make royalty out of otherwise normal individuals.




8 thoughts on “Paper Duchesses Journal Is Joining The Social Duchess

  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks really nice!
    I’m also interested in this topic + have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Maybe I will add link to your website on my website and you can come leave some feedback?

    Jan Zac

  2. We are so excited to join the forces of Paper Duchesses and the Lady & Duchess Quarterly into a new and improved publication that will focus on the lifestyle, luxury, & philanthropy of social influencers!

  3. Howdy,

    Must say your new website looks quite lavish. Good job.
    I do miss the Paper Duchesses newsletter though, I don’t know if you noticed but it’s not working lately and jsut coming in blank…

    Keep up the good work and hopefully fix the newsletter.

  4. Hi, this is exciting news I’m happy for you all. Looking forward to the new content, love the new clean layout it loads so much faster.

  5. Very excited by the redesign and looking forward to ‘meeting’ the new writers from the wedding shop… sounds very lovely and exciting to be a luxury wedding consultant.

    Much love from Poland!

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