Evy Cettella

I spotted another eye catching background today and had to share.  You can get any of these Bing images at their past image archive.  

Today’s adventure is of a pool in New South Wales, Australia.  At first glance I thought it was just pylons in the ocean, but it’s actually a sandy bottomed semi-infinity pool overlooking the beach.  I love the colors of the sunset here, and I’d really love to take a swim with that gorgeous soft sand on the bottom.

The picture was taken at Coogee beach, which I’d never heard of, so I went looking for some more details.  Apparently there are more than one of these pools in the town.  Also, the beaches outside of Sydney are considered some of the finest in the world and this one in particular is great for families.

The pools add a really interesting element, and its nice that the waters here are calm and there are tons of family friendly venues – but personally it would not be on my top beach destination lists.  It looks too much like the beaches in New England, and when I think of an amazing beach it’s something exotic.

Of course, if I were in the Sydney area, I’d love to check out all the local beaches – now that would be a fun itinerary.

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