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Welcome friends and longtime readers to the newly combined home of Paper Duchesses Journal and the Lady & Duchess QuarterlyThe Social Duchess Magazine!

Combining the editorial talents of Paper Duchesses‘ Emme Chatterton with Davina and Lucia Cavendish of Lady & Duchess Quarterly, Social Duchess Magazine will provide all the latest in luxury and lifestyle from the social media sphere.

The Lifestyle & Luxury of Social Influencers

With coverage of high society events to royal philanthropies to inspiration for a cozy home and gift guides for your girlfriends, Social Duchess Magazine will provide inspiring articles and content to help you live a beautiful, meaningful life.

From upgrades that make you King of your castle to guides on being a social duchess online and in person, we’ll show you how influencers and the glitterati live so you can infuse luxury and life-changing details into your own existence.

More About Us

Find our mission statement and more details on The Social Duchess as well as our Editors, Contributors, and Staff in our About Section.

Shop the Magazine

Shop for all the products featured on The Social Duchess in our articles as well as browse our Buying and Gift Guides for every occasion in our exquisitely curated boutique.  Find deals on coveted luxury items or the most efficient products for your everyday life in our easy-to-browse shopping sections.

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