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In the world of fashion, pink suits have emerged as a versatile and sophisticated choice for the modern woman. Evoking
Lacey Chambers Gorgeous Gowns with Sequins and Tulle In the mood for a little sparkle and shimmer?  Well, the prettiest
Imagine being back in 1965 as an affluent society woman, you live in New York City and it's a mild
Lacey Chambers Today I'm going to dish on a question that I get asked all the time, and that is
by Dame Mimi A Night in Paris… A Shopping Adventure with Dame Mimi Once upon a night in Paris… there
I can still remember those days as a little girl, watching with wonder as my mother applied a magical powder laced
Lacey Chambers Every girl needs an arsenal of delicious nude eyeshadow shades to complete their collection, so let me just
Half of the fun, or half of the frustration, of going on vacation is selecting your wardrobe to wear. If
EMME CHATTERTON My favorite spring fashion item has to be the rainbow selection of pastel Hunter wellies and bright rain
Lacey Chambers Gorgeous Gowns with Sequins and Tulle In the mood for a little sparkle and shimmer?  Well, the prettiest
If you're looking for a perfect stand-out piece for your next dressy affair and you like the style of a
by Lacey Chambers Falling in Love with Autumn Fashion Today is officially the first day of Fall, which means I'm
Spring is in the air, or at least it soon will be, which means we will be greeted with April
In a surprising and bold move, Melania Trump silenced her sartorial critics and the fashion world with her elegant ruffled
Here is our very first look at the fashion of the Inaugural Ball, the glittery first event attended by President
Ralph Lauren, the iconic American fashion designer, did no favors to Hillary Clinton's style and figure throughout her 2016 Presidential
Cold weather season is firmly upon us, which means elegant neutrals, layers of clothing, and cozy styles reminiscent of fall
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like I'm always looking for luggage... no matter where I'm going, I never
Good morning Pearls! Great news, I'm now working on a special Lacey and Pearls Amazon Shop, where you can explore all
For Christmas my sister got me these two little delights.  The Sinful Colors is basic magenta-red creme/jelly almost, pretty thin.