Social Influencer Royalty

The Social Duchess is a magazine that explores the lifestyles and nobles pursuits of social media influencers, who form the royalty of this new system of celebrity and fame.  From living luxury lifestyles including exotic vacations and glittering events, to giving back through charity, good works and philanthropic endeavors, the new social media influencer has taken on a role traditionally reserved for royalty, with much less media recognition.



The Social Duchess is here to fill the gap and chronicle the lives and times of modern royalty, who have earned their thrones not through an accident of birth, but through a purposeful life.  By studying, exemplifying, and finding inspiration from these individuals, our readers can transform their own lifestyles and circumstances to align more closely with a beautiful, meaningful, and luxurious existence.



Articles & Posts:

Lacey Chambers Today I'm going to dish on a question that I get asked all the time, and that is
by Dame Mimi A Night in Paris… A Shopping Adventure with Dame Mimi Once upon a night in Paris… there
Hello Darling Pearls! I hope you are having a fabulous morning.  I admit, I am still lying abed in my
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Ralph Lauren, the iconic American fashion designer, did no favors to Hillary Clinton's style and figure throughout her 2016 Presidential
Tati Westbrook, famously known as the GlamLifeGuru on YouTube and social media, has wed long-time fiance James in a beach
Newlyweds Amber Heald and Johnny Depp recently released a video both promoting and apologizing to the Australian government's Biosecurity force.  The video
Dear Royal Pearls, Our favorite British Princess is off on another warm-weather adventure, this time to the exotic Indian subcontinent.
To my precious Pearls, Yes, it's true - I lied. I was wrong, pigs are not flying, the sky has not
When we visited Pisa in Italy we made it just in time for an on and off rainstorm.  We had
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by the Golden Globes when it came to the gowns of the ladies
Sunset over Aphrodite's Rock on a warm Cyprus evening.  Legend has it that this is the first place Aphrodite set
Beautiful architecture is all throughout Bratislava in Slovakia, especially charming lining the city squares.  We were there on a holiday
I saw these wild horses on a cold winter morning in Oklahoma.  So majestic, and the landscape out there is
 Dear World,Today it is my birthday.  So I have decided this is my annual Facebook birthday photo.  I made it
Emme Chatterton It seems in Phuket, Thailand every single afternoon was warm and sunny, perfect for dipping in the pool
Welcome to the Beginning of the Archive. This is the first imported post from circa 2010 from a blog about