Kitchen Spotlight: Hidden Treasures

At the moment my kitchen is currently being outfitted with a fantastic new water filtration system that looks like something NASA created (cheerfully installed by a very handsome sweetheart of mine).  It’s not exactly the fanciest kitchen remodel, but we will save a small fortune on Poland Spring.

This of course got me thinking about fancy kitchen remodels.  When it comes to dreamy yet practical kitchens, the thing that I really love is the idea of way more storage space.  And hidden things.  And gorgeous looking details – check out these hidden spice racks from Schmidt Homes.

Secret Spice Drawers

That’s not all, though, this same remodel features a matching wood trim window seat and a stone fireplace opposite the island!  This is so cozy but luxurious at the same time, and these features are so much fun for a family home.

Cozy Window Seats

The rest of the kitchen space is a little tight feeling (the refrigerator is around the corner), but this layout would work great in a home without a huge open floor plan, or over an oddly shaped existing one.

What Do You Think?

What are your favorite ‘hidden secrets’ of kitchens you admire?  Would you consider installing a window seat or stow away spice rack in your space?  Sound off in the comments below!

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