Good morning Pearls!

Great news, I’m now working on a special Lacey and Pearls Amazon Shop, where you can explore all the stuff that I love and buy right here on the blog, directly from Amazon!  You guys know that Amazon is basically my favorite shopping mall ever, that I use it to shop for pretty much anything and everything and usually if I can’t find it on Amazon… I don’t buy it.  If you’re the same, this new storefront is just for you!

I’m not personally involved even, everything is done through Amazon so you can shop with full confidence, as they have amazing shipping options as well as return and exchange policies.  This Lacey and Pearls shop will be a perfectly curated collection of the best products you either need or just might like.  Anything that I talk about or feature on the blog I will also try to feature in the shop, instead of keeping track of separate product links to everything which is a huge hassle and not very helpful in my opinion.



So in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for personalized recommendations by Amazon just for the Pearls…

From Lacey, with Love and Shopping!

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